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  • very good quality kulfi and falooda. keeping the items cold during transportation needs to be improved so that the kulfi does not melt and the falooda liquid/ras malai remains cold.

Yousaf Falooda Shop In Lahore, Pakistan

A meal isn’t over unless you have a dessert at the end because let’s face it: a dessert has its own special place in our stomach that eventually makes its way to the heart. And no matter how many brownies, ice cream scoops, cake slices and puddings you may have, sometimes all you crave is a desi dessert that is often laden with extra sweetness to give you a dessert coma. There are many varieties in the world of desi desserts- ranging from gulab jamun to kheer and shahi tukrey. But the absolute favorite desi dessert is a cold kulfi falooda topped with extras like tukh-malanga and noodles to make it into a satisfying and a filling meal on its own.

Yousaf Falooda shop in Lahore is guaranteed to give you the break you want from the heat with its extensive menu of cold desserts. They have rasmalai, rabri doodh with kulfa, ice cream and kulfi falooda and even halwa and kheer if you’re not in the mood for a falooda. And then there’s the milkshake and special lassi menu so if you don’t want to eat a dessert, you can drink one. Yousaf Falooda has something to satisfy everyone’s sweet cravings- you’re just a click away from getting your favorite dessert delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is order through cheetay and while you track your order from the comfort of wherever you are, cheetay will deliver to you while it’s still cold. So tell us Kya Chahiye and with the Cheetay app, placing an order is even easier! Download the app now and order away.