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  • Best taste and quality. Needs to make their menu available.

What’a Paratha Restaurant in Lahore

If you have been raised in a desi household, you would know how a paratha held paramount importance as an all-rounder food. Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a paratha can be devoured at all times with anything and everything. A piping hot and crispy paratha is what dreams are made of. These days, life has become so hectic that making a paratha, let alone eating it has become very infrequent. Gone are the days, when everyday one would enjoy a delicious paratha. But don’t feel sad, because all is not lost. What’a Paratha is here to revive all those beautiful childhood memories filled with scrumptious parathas. So whenever you feel like having one, just order away from their mouth-watering menu that has ample variety for all your paratha needs.

The paratha-filled menu

Let’s start with their special menu. It has literally everything that your heart desires. There is the Hara Masala Special Paratha which is very cheesy and spicy, Pizza Paratha that will make you forget about the traditional pizza, BBQ Special Paratha with all the goodness of Smokey BBQ wrapped in a paratha, the Chicken Cheese Qeema Paratha, and the Cheese Paratha for the cheese-lover in you.

Under the Traditional Menu, you will find the Chicken Qeema Paratha, the oh-so-loved Aloo Paratha, and a plain Paratha which you can even devour with a hot cup of tea.

They have not forgotten about dessert so you don’t need to go anywhere else for your meetha fix, because these Parathas will be enough to tantalize your taste buds. The very delicious Cinnamon Butter Paratha is simply finger licking delicious with a mesmerising scent of freshly ground cinnamon. Then there is the Nutella Paratha that will take you to a chocolate haven. You can also get the traditional Meetha Paratha which has been an all-time favourite of everyone as a child.

All these crispy and truly delectable Parathas are sure to bring up great memories of the good old days when the sight of a garam roti and paratha would wipe all our worries away.

Everything on their menu is easy on the pocket too

Each of these Parathas are available for under PKR 300 and they make for a truly fulfilling meal. So you won’t have to spend a fortune if you are in the mood for some great food. Bring your friends and family along too and treat them with some piping hot parathas.

Don’t wait any longer. Order right now!

We are sure by now you are badly craving a hot and crispy paratha. Don’t worry, Cheetay is here to fulfil all your cravings. Everything is just a click away. All you have to do is download the Cheetay app or visit the website and treat yourself with some delicious parathas from What’a Paratha.