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Wasabi Restaurant in Lahore

Enter into a world of Japanese cuisine with a wide variety of seafood options served at Wasabi Restaurant in Lahore. Apart from typical chicken and beef items, Wasabi menu also specializes in sushi rolls, wasabi prawns, ugon noodles, tuna, redsnapper and many other seafood items. So if you’re craving something different for your lunch or dinner, a real game changer for your taste buds, head over to Wasabi Restaurant for some specialized Japanese food to give your mouth some new tingles.

Order Japanese Food of Wasabi Restaurant

The restaurant creates a unique flavor of Japanese food by incorporating ingredients that create an authentic and yet pleasant wasabi flavor to suit your taste. With fresh cucumbers, ripe avocados, fresh parsley and sesame seeds, and sauces ranging from tangy to spicy and vinaigrette sauces, the food is worth having. And what’s better, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your bed or office to have an authentic Japanese food experience because Cheetay will deliver it to your doorstep. So you can enjoy wasabi, sushi and all food Japanese wherever you are. Order food now from Wasabi Restaurant through Or you could download the cheetay app and place your order there, because placing an order through an app is even easier!