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  • The restaurant should send me complimentary food for being an Irani.It is very unique ???? So I am expecting a positive answer from the management now
  • great falafel, mastokhiyar and salad. chicken wings - a bit too spicy, but well-marinated, so no complaints there.

Taam-e-Irani, Lahore Now Has its Presence on Cheetay

In a mood to have dishes from the Irani and Persian Cuisine? Order from Taam-e-Irani on Cheetay if you wish to taste them.  From Falafel Dolmeh, Mastokhiyar, Salad Sherazi to Chelou Kebabs such as Chelou Kebab Koobideh, Chelou Kebab Negini, Chicken Kebab Bokhtyari, and Persian dishes such as Tikka Polo, Safron Phirni and more.

An exotic Irani cuisine in Taam-e-Irani’s Menu

Irani food is cooked mostly with lemon and butter. Whether it is Chicken Kebabs or Mutton Kebabs, these two ingredients are most important. Besides all that these kebabs also consist of basil, onions and grilled tomatoes, sumac powder and chilies. Once cooked slow on charcoals, these are served with Saffron flavoured rice. In Persian dishes, Tikka Polo is one of the popular dishes of Taam-e-Irani. This has chicken tikka cooked in a gravy style and is eaten with rice. Besides that, mutton and vegetables are also cooked in the Iranian way. The sides can include Salad Sherazi, chopped cucumbers, tomatoes and onions drizzled with lemon juice on top. It is said that this crunchy and moist salad is an important part of a beefy meal as it neutralizes the beefy flavours in summers.

For desserts, Saffron Phirni cooked with saffron rice and Doogh, that is, a yogurt based Iranian carbonated drink will cool you off.

Now that Taam-e-Irani restaurant’s delivery is available on Cheetay as well, you can order this anywhere you like and enjoy the experience!