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  • There was a worm in the salad delivered to me. You should really ensure that you clean the vegetables appropriately. This is highly irresponsible of your restaurant. I paid a good amount to get clean, hygienic and good food whereas I received worm infested salad.
  • Good Quality Sandwich, Bread was slightly soggy everything else was fine
  • Best choice for fast food
  • ????
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Best Subway DHA Restaurant In Lahore

Regularly binging on fast food can certainly make you a tad bit flabby and somewhat chubby. Eating healthy is always an option but there are only a certain number of times you can go out for barbecue and settle for bland diet food or try to eat healthy. But in the end you cave in and end up having garlic mayo fries with a gigantic burger or a large pizza. There goes your dreams of getting slim or even slightly getting fit and getting that shredded body you dream of having!

Losing weight and eating healthy that is also utterly delicious is very unrealistic! Sometimes you’re not in the mood to eat something too heavy and just want to eat fresh and light. A sandwich with fresh ingredients and the most flavorful sauces you can think of. No sandwich is complete without perfectly baked bread which melts in your mouth, crunchy and yet fluffy. Plus apart from having the plain old chicken sandwich, having variety in the type of meat or protein can certainly make you want to have more. Then again you can never find a healthy yet delicious salad anywhere which isn’t too expensive. Having salads elsewhere is like paying for a complete meal and being served a plate with just leaves and a few pieces of meat which really isn’t much at all.

You can always rely on Subway to help you satisfy those sandwich and salad cravings and luckily it’s a healthy option. You are the boss here. Choose and make your own sandwich, throw in whichever vegetable you want along with your choice of bread and meat options like smoked chicken, beef, turkey, salami, pepperoni, tuna and a veggie option.

Subway offers a host of deals at reasonable prices like their sub of the day meal. Easy scene hai. All you need to do is just order. Given there are so many subway restaurants in Lahore, worry not! Delivery will be quick and instant. Just go to our website or download our App, enter your location, look up Subway and place your order from the choices at hand. You can avail the subway deals or order as your heart desires. Order to karain hum ajaain gay!