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Shezan Regale Restaurant In Lahore, Pakistan

Yes, you read that right! Your favorite bakery as a child now has its very own restaurant. And remember how good their savories and pastries tasted as a kid? Their food is just as good. Because Shezan Regale restaurant in Lahore has got a ton of items on its menu to satisfy your cravings. There is literally something for everyone- whether it is continental specialities, sea food or just some favorite snacks for the kids. You want it and they’ve got it because everything is just a few fingertips away.

Home Delivery from Shezan Regale

We mean it- everything at Shezan Regale is just a few fingertips away. That’s right- you can now order your favorite dish from Shezan Regale through without leaving your house. We know how hard it is to host big dinner parties so why not get something delivered to add to your menu? Whether it’s palak paneer, chicken chops, fried fish finger, chicken jalfrezi or even yakhni, Cheetay will deliver to your doorstep while you entertain your guests. And we won’t tell them you didn’t make it if you don’t. So order away now and through the cheetay app, it is even easier! Tell us, Kya Chahiye?