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Shezan Snack Bar in Lahore

If someone was offering us a million dollars to never eat desi food again, our reaction would be, “are you kidding me?” We would never take that money because desi food is #life! It is something that we cannot live without. We can give up any other cuisine, but never desi khana. NEVER! Do you realize the seriousness of this situation? This infatuation with desi food has led us to scrutinize every eatery in town to find the best of the best. After all, we are Lahori’s and we don’t compromise on food. So this crazed foodie inside of us has found this extraordinary restaurant that not only serves delicious desi food, but also amazing continental food. The name of this restaurant is, *drum roll please* Shezan Snack Bar. It is one of those places that has kept quality consistent throughout the years. So remember to eat from Shezan Snack Bar every time your heart desires scrumptious desi or continental food.What a menu!The menu has so many options that you won’t know what to order. Under the Pakistani specialities menu, you get several options like chicken karahi, jalfrezi, chicken ginger, murgh haleem, sabzi gosht, qeema special mutton, and others. Cooked to perfection, their karahis are especially mouth-watering, with meat that will melt in your mouth and spices that will tingle your taste buds for sure. The handis too are finger-licking fantastic! You can order the chicken handi, mutton handi, chicken achari, makhni daal, and the daal mash handi. The aroma of all the desi spices and herbs will make you turn everyday into a cheat day. The Barbeque menu also deserves a special mention since everything on that menu is truly delicious!Their continental food will wow you too!From the very yummy continental specialities menu, you have the option to order roast chicken, fried chicken, fried chicken chops, and an array of steaks, chicken shashlik, lamb chops, and other such delicious items.To make this entire experience even more special, try their special home-made ice creams. These are the richest and creamiest ice-creams that you will be able to taste in town. The flavours include chocolate sundae, pineapple sundae, shezan surprise, tutti frutti, peach melba, and mango ice cream.Since Shezan Snack Bar is located in Fortress Stadium, it’s not always easy to take out time to go all the way to Fortress especially if you live far away. This is where Cheetay comes in. Just visit Cheetay’s website or download its app, and order whatever you like from Shezan Snack Bar. Amazing, right? We know.