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Now Order Sarhad Charsi Tikka in Lahore at Cheetay!

Craving for something from the Shinwari Cuisine? Sarhad Charsi Tikka has Kabuli Pulao, Namkeen Rosh, Dumba Leg Roast, Dumba Namkeen Chop, Mutton Nali and more to offer you! If you wish to devour Sarhad Charsi Tikka then hop on to Cheetay and add your favourites from the cuisine.

Exotic Shinwari Cuisine on Sarhad Charsi Tikka Menu

The aroma of tenderized Namkeen Rosh flavoured with salt, spices and the subtle taste of vegetables makes you eat the whole of it with naans. You can also complement this deliciously rustic dish with Charsi Special Kabuli Pulao. This piping hot dish is full of steamed rice mixed with raisins, carrots and meaty lamb chunks. You can also place an online order from Sarhad Charsi Tikka for a Chicken Sulemani Karahi with Pulao. Let the long-grained rice soak into the spicy curry before you have your first morsel. Your hearty appetite for beef, lamb and goat is satiated with Beef Tikka Boti cooked slow on wood fire to give it an exclusive charcoaled taste. Or order barbequed chicken tikka and fish to fully enjoy the mouth-watering menu.

The Recipes Travelling Straight from Afghanistan

Afghan cuisine has so much to offer and Sarhad Charsi Tikka does its best to let you taste recipes that have travelled all the way to Lahore. Meat lovers have so much to choose from and get all the favourite dishes from Sarhad Charsi Tikka delivered through Cheetay. If you are one of these, then do not shy away. Order now!