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  • The freebie kheer was nice. Grilled fish was good. Loved the food.
  • Pathetic food, tasteless, waste of money

Salt ‘n Pepper with Cheetay- Making an Entrance into your Hearts with a Bang!

A mixed cuisine at Salt and Pepper can be what you want it to be. With a range of Desi, Chinese, Italian and American dishes on its menu, you can enjoy a world of tastes and flavours at your table. This table could be at any destination within Lahore as its food delivery partner is ready to deliver anywhere and at any time! In case, you want to be recommended on Salt and Pepper food, then see the most popular dishes being ordered that usually include Stuffed Chicken Breast (Kiev Style), Club Sandwich, Spicy Chicken Ginger Burger, Chicken Seekh Kebab, Chicken Boneless Handi, Daal Handi, Stuffed Chicken Cheese Nuggets, Chicken Karahi, Chicken Burger and Supreme Chicken Burger. Of course, you can choose a new one from its menu with just a click!

Desi Cuisine at Salt ‘n Pepper’s Menu

Salt and Pepper’s Desi cuisine has tons of Pakistani Specialties to make you salivate. From the spicy Chicken Boneless Handi, Chicken Boneless Achari Handi, Mutton Handi, Mutton Achari Handi and Daal Handi to the traditional Chicken Ginger, Chicken Jalfrezi, Chicken Karahi, Mutton Karahi and Chicken Makhni, you have a lot of choices to fulfill your appetite. Get a variety by ordering meals that are a combination of electric handis, smoky Kebabs, masala chicken boti, hot Biryani, and more! These meals include Pakistani Deluxe, Pakistani B.B.Q and Pakistani V.I.P. If you crave for eggs in the middle of the day or at night, get an SnP Stuffed Omelet made with delicious Desi Masala Chicken.

Wish to taste the American Cuisine? Enjoy with Salt n Pepper!

Order a variety of sandwiches, nuggets, French fries, Burgers, and coleslaws at Salt and Pepper if you are a fan of American Cuisine. Your range for sandwiches consists of juicy Philly Beef Steak, fishy Tuna, smoky Grilled Sandwich with Roast Beef & Cheese, Crispy Chicken, steamy Grilled Chicken Breast, chewy Club and gooey Chicken Cheese & Egg. Treat yourself by getting crunchy Nuggets and crispy French Fries along with your favourite flavoured sandwiches. If you like, you can substitute your sandwich with either a Roast Beef & Cheese Panini or a Chicken Panini. Sometimes, your cravings for a patty with sauces and vegetables between two buns can make you select burgers from the menu along with its appetizing sides. At Salt and Pepper, these burgers range from Handmade Beef Cheese, Sloppy Joe, Chicken and Fried Fish, Spicy Chicken Ginger and Crispy Chicken, Grilled Chicken Breast, Supreme Chicken, The Ultimate and Mission Impossible.

Variety of Chicken Recipes at Salt ‘n Pepper Lahore

Chicken is not just a part of the American cuisine, it is also a major ingredient for Pan Asian dishes such as Mongolian Beef with Onions, Indonesian Nasi Goreng, Chinese Chicken with Lemon Sauce, Thai Caramel Ginger Chicken, Chinese Chicken Chili Dry, Japanese Teriyaki Chicken, Chinese Stir-Fried Chicken, Indonesian Chicken Satay, Chinese Chicken Chow Mein, Chinese Chicken Drumsticks, and Korean Beef with Scrambled Egg. A delicious Chicken Shashlik, la Mediterranean, Hawaiian Style Chicken Steak or an American Fillet Steak could be your food for the soul. You can also try variety of soups such as Thai Chicken, Mulligatawny, Chicken Corn and Hot & Sour to warm you up on a cold day as a starter.

With so much to eat, it is difficult for you to say no to food made convenient for you! Order now and enjoy what you like from Salt ‘n Pepper at Cheetay!