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  • so upset due to incomplete parts in my order (e.g the chicken piece in single plaou) it was only rice

Pulao House: Best Family Restaurant in Lahore

Pakistani cuisine is great to have because of the variety of handis, karahis and barbecue items you can have. There is really so much on a Pakistani cuisine menu that you will find something for everyone. Now Pulao House in Lahore is a great place for Pakistani khaaba. They’ve got a range of handis such as chicken handi, Mughlai handi, chicken cheese handi, chicken makhni handi, mutton nawabi handi and much more. If you want karahi, look no further either. Pulao House has got delicious chicken tikka karahi, mutton karahi, mutton Balti gosht and chicken malai karahi. And don’t forget to try their barbecue. Whether it’s chicken tikka, beef behari kebab or chicken reshmi kebab that you desire- they’ve got it all.

But you know what they’re really famous for? It’s their delicious and savoury chicken pulao with a side of shami kebab, or their chicken Bombay biryani or their chicken steam roast. That’s what the real deal is. Because who doesn’t love a place of hot and spicy chicken biryani or chicken pulao with a side of shami kebab, raita and salad to complete it all? Don’t just drool over the food- order now through cheetay!

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