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Fries For A Meal Of OPTP Restaurant

We all grew up loving French fries. Whichever restaurants our parents took us to as a kid, we always ordered fries and were content with that as a meal, snack or whatever. Even the happiest moment in school was when we found fries in our lunch box and you know you had to hide it from your friends before they attacked because you were the cool kid with the best lunch. And no one ever really grows out of their love for French fries. We still choose it as a side with our steak or order an entire extra plate with a meal just because. Long story short, our love for French fries is unfaltering even as adults and we are always in pursuit of the best fries around town.

One Potato, Two Potato Restaurant

Back in the days, OPTP restaurant in Lahore was just a small stall that only served gourmet style fries through a tiny window. I mean, the owner was a real genius to have only one thing on their menu item that everyone loved. The moment of joy and the sparkle we got in our eyes as we grabbed our box of fries through the small ‘magical’ window was unforgettable. And what makes us happy is that as we grew older, OPTP also expanded. Now their menu includes a variety of other items that all taste great with fries. There’s chicken wings, nuggets, fried chicken and hot dogs. Even the fries come in a variety of different flavors, like garlic mayo, jalapeño cheese and good old masala fries. So why not give into your nostalgia and order from OPTP today. Cheetay will deliver while your meal is still fresh and warm so you can relive your childhood memories and enjoy the best fries in town. And with the cheetay app, placing an order is even easier! So download the app now and order away.