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  • I had a issue with this Order. i have order from OPTP. After a long struggle i Placed the Order at 12.42 Pm . Optp is just 10 mints away from my Point 98 n Block model town . i have been calling again and again For urgent Delivery. after 35 minutes i received a call from your team That my order is late due to Unverified reason . after 20 minutes More i have received my order Time was 1.46 Pm , Which is very embarrassing in front of my Guests. after receiving when i checked my order 2.5 Coke was Missing . I called over helpline and asked rider . it took 5 minutes More. Then Rider visited the restaurant again and brought Coke . i have received my Coke at 1.57 Pm . I have been using Food panda App Since Launched , Becasue of thier rider or late deliveries i am using Cheetay . i have received my order after 1 hour instead of 40 Minutes,. I know this was Order taker's Mistake after this experience i will think 10 times while placing the order through Please look into this matter . i am waiting for the response. Thank you