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Opium – Chinese and Thai Restaurant, Lahore

Are you tired of all the ‘desi chinese‘ eateries that claim to serve Chinese food but are basically full blown desi flavoured? We know we are! So if you are like us, you must be wishing for an authentic Chinese and Thai food experience. Lucky for us, Opium is here to save the day. Opium restaurant is an authentic Chinese and Thai food restaurant. The food is carefully prepared to keep in mind the true flavours of Chinese and Thai cuisines. Another great thing about Opium restaurant is that the vegetables and ingredients used at the restaurant are especially imported from Thailand. Also, the owner of Opium has his own garden where he grows some of the ingredients. You can clearly see his dedication and passion in bringing us exceptional food.

What’s hot in the ‘House Specialities'?

If you haven’t tried the Opium Hot Pot from the house specialities menu, you haven’t lived! It has assorted seafood, raw meats, sea fungus & seasonal vegetables served with a broth. The stir fried lobster is also something that should be tried by everyone at least once. Other specials include the steamed whole red snapper, deep fried whole red snapper, caramelized tamarind fish, and the seasonal vegetables in garlic butter.

Thai Cuisine fans, let's reunite

Undoubtedly, the best Thai food is available at Opium. The menu is huge so you would be tempted to order everything! From the thai soups menu, you have the option to order tom yam goong, thai chicken hot and sour, tom kha gai, and several others. A hot and steaming bowl of soup will brighten those dull winter days for sure.

The thai chicken and beef entrees also have so much variety. So if you are someone who enjoys variety in life, this will make you super happy! Some noteworthy chicken dishes are the red curry chicken, thai chicken with basil and coriander, thai sweet and sour chicken, Opium om ka chicken, thai honey glazed chicken, and many others. Some of the beef entr’e specials are dry chili mint beef, chili lime stir fry beef, Japanese beef teriyaki, Mongolian beef, and basil beef. All ingredients are super fresh, making the overall dish off the charts!

I think by now you have realized that ordering from Opium is the smartest thing to do. Gather your family and friends so that you can share the authentic Thai and Chinese food experience with them. You don’t even need to drive all the way to the restaurant and worry about getting that perfect parking spot. Just order through Cheetay by visiting the website or downloading the app. And enjoy!