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Order Online from Omnom Restaurant in Lahore

No, we’re not pretending to be the cookie monster munching away all the cookies hidden away in the cookie jar. Instead, we’re trying to induce munching on a much larger scale. Because Omnom restaurant in Lahore (yes it is a real place) has got your favorite fast food all housed under one roof. It is truly the haven for junkie and binge eaters with all the delicious and scrumptious burgers laden with cheese, strips of crispy turkey bacon and their special creamy black pepper sauce. Or their sandwiches prepped in tantalizing spices with tango sauces. And if that’s not enough, then Omnom has also got nuggets, cheesy fries and hot wings.

At, we understand the struggles of getting dressed to go out. We understand how hard it is to leave the comfort of your cozy bed, especially on a Netflix and chill kind of a night. Cheetay also understands the sound of a rumbling stomach in the middle of a really good movie which is why we deliver to you wherever you are. So before you curse the skies for your hanger (that is, hunger and anger), head on over to and get your favorite beef or chicken burger delivered from Omnom now. And with the cheetay app, placing an order is even easier!