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NY212 Restaurant in Lahore

Don't you ever feel like trying a new pizza place? Something totally different from what you order or have regularly? There are some good places out there but it surely gets monotonous when you're constantly having it from the same few restaurants you always go to. Moreover, isn't it great if you have the option of ordering a ludicrously large pizza which not only you but your friends, family or anyone who is over can have with you? We know one thing for damn sure that we like our pizza's LARGE! MMHmmmmm!

Well we all look for a place which is certifiably good. Whose pizzas give you that burst of authentic Italian favours with a crust so incredibly flaky and crunchy that it marries perfectly with the opulent cheese topping with the right amount of tomato sauce, chicken and an assortment of fresh vegetables sprinkled on it. It's hard to talk about food without getting hungry here. So if you feel the need to binge on colossal pizzas that can truly satisfy your cheese cravings then NY212 is the option for you. They boast a diverse menu which has loads of options. Even if you're not in the mood to have a pizza, it's okay. You can opt for a burger or sandwich since they have options like a grilled chicken burger, grilled beef jalapeno burger, grilled chicken sandwich, club sandwiches, etc. It gets even better because they have pastas too. You can choose between their chicken alfredo and chicken primavera. Not bad ehh!

Apart from the main courses you can always try their tantalizingly mouth-watering appetizers. There are enough menu items there to make you drool and let's just say induce a gastronomic coma! You can try their garlic bread, potato skins, garlic mushrooms, chicken breadsticks, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, fish n chips and a whole lot more. Not only do they have numerous options and variety in the types of pizzas, they even offer pizza for dessert. Let's get down to business shall we! Shall we look at their pizza menu? You have the most scrumptious options at your disposal from Chicken Fajita, Chicken Tikka, Fajitta Sicilian, Chicken Tandoori, Mala Boti, Chicken Supreme, Cheese Max, Taco beef and an array of other choices. What's best is that you can get to choose extra toppings for your pizza like additional meat, cheese and vegie toppings. Oh just wait, there's more, you can even enjoy the pizzas with their special dips such as BBQ, Garlic and NYC special.

Now that you know, all you have to do is order up. Worry not, you don't need to go anywhere to get it yourself. You don't need to drive all the way to collect your order since you know how bad the traffic gets. Just sit back and relax. Log on to our website or download the app for greater convenience. We'll make sure we deliver it hot and in the wink of an eye!