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Namak Restaurant in Lahore is Now Delivering Through Cheetay!

Does namkeen food define your palate today? If it does, then Namak Family Restaurant has the most appetizing menu at your service. With Balochi Sajji, Kabuli Palao, Chapli Kebab, Afghani Mutton Seekh Tikka and more, there is tons from the Afghani cuisine for you to eat.

Namak Restaurant’s Delicious Afghan Menu

Gather your family and friends around to have a grand Balochi meal. Start with the aromatic Balochi Sajji that is chicken or lamb, marinated with salt, red chili, lemon juice, garlic and ginger pastes, roasted on skewers and coals. Namak restaurant gives this with the famous Afghan Kabuli Pulao, that is, long-grained steamed rice consisting of nuts and carrots. When eaten together, it creates a profusion of varied flavours and tastes. For those who wish to eat a whole chicken roasted on coals that is not cooked in a sajji style, Namak restaurant caters to you too! Chew this with a round, bagel-like Uzbaki naan or a fluffy Kandhari naan sprinkled with pistachios and almonds.

Exquisite Meat for the Meat Lovers!

Next, order grilled or pan-fried Chapli Kebabs. These thick grounded beef patties cooked with spices and herbs have a tangy and peppery taste. The assortment of Kebabs does not end here at Namak Restaurant. There is the same Afghan Mutton Tikka or Namkeen Seekh Tikka that has to be tasted! This has barbequed beef wrapped on thick skewers marinated with lemon juice, papaya paste, ginger and garlic paste and slowly cooked in its own fat on woodfire. You can also order tender and juicy pieces of Chicken Gola Kebab that make an exquisite combination with naans and raita.

Namak restaurant also has curries and mutton stews such as Dam Pukht and Safed Lamb Karahi made for you! So, order now and get food delivered from Namak Restaurant at Cheetay.