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  • Tried their brunch. Taste of food is very ordinary, sufficient variety available with good service.

Monal Restaurant’s Distinctive Flavours Presented Through Cheetay

Get a flavour of Monal’s world cuisine at Cheetay if you desire to eat something different! Bring a variety of exquisite food items at your table and enjoy them to your hearts’ content. You can go for the lengthy appetizers consisting of Meaty Bites, Breads and Naans, Wings, Soups and French Fries or the main course that has Oriental, Continental and American cuisines.

Enjoyable Food Items from Appetizers and Main Menu Section

Order a soft and chewy Cheese Naan or spicy Chicken Cheese Paratha to fulfill your cheese cravings. Add minced Chicken Drumsticks, Prawns with chili and garlic sauce, Shrimps sautéed with herbs or peppery Chinese Meat Balls to your cart. If you are in a mood to have crispy fried chicken to your palate then get honey, masala or simply crispy chicken for yourself.

The main course could be a combination of Thai chicken Green or Red Curry, Spicy Red Snapper, Moroccan Chicken, Tarragon Chicken or charcoaled Beef Steaks. If you like the steaks to be in burgers then order those with Pepper Sauce or in Mushroom Sauce or those with fried double chicken fillets, roasted beef and chicken or smoked Hot Dogs. In the continental variety, get yourself Butter Fried Fish, golden fried Chicken Chops, Thai Chicken Teriyaki, roasted Black Beans Chicken and wok Fried Vegetables.

Buffet at Monal Turned into a Platter!

Monal’s Desi food in oriental cuisine is the most preferred choice. Devour the finger-licking handis or spicy karahis from the ala carte menu or a Pakistani Platter that consists of charcoaled Chicken Tikka and Seekh Kebab, Minced Chicken, Baked Fish fillets, hot Masala or Chicken Dum Biryani and spicy Mutton Chop Masala. Within the platter you also get two pieces of sweet Gulab Jamun or a brownie with rich chocolate sauce.

Choose the dishes from Monal in Lahore’s menu from Cheetay’s app or website and eat all you want!

Then you are in for a scrumptious surprise because all the burgers on the fast food menu are a treat for your taste buds. For all beef lovers out there, their Beef Cheese burger is truly a classic. With a juicy beef patty smothered in cheese and wrapped between some freshly toasted buns, this burger will make you forget all your woes as it melts away in your mouth. Other burgers that you can try are the Chicken Steak Burger, Beef Steak Burger, Fried Chicken Breast Burger, Monal Special Burger, or the Grilled Chicken Burger.

Monal is a great option for when you want to eat out with friends and everyone wants to have something different, because variety is another distinguishing feature of this restaurant. You can get desi, peshawari, grilled, oriental, continental, and whatever else your heart desires.

Ready to order yet?

Can’t drive all the way to Monal because you have work obligations? Or do you just want to stay at home and avoid the bad traffic? Worry no more, because Cheetay will make sure that you get your lunch on time. You can order whatever you please from Monal and Cheetay will deliver it right to your doorstep. Just visit the website or download the app, and get ready for lunch.