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  • sada roti is missing in the menu.
  • koi bhi yahan say order na karay total waste of money hai
  • Low quality. We offered cheese and there was no cheese. we
  • worst experience
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Karachi Red Rock Restaurant in Lahore

There needs to be a place where every college, school going and working youth needs to go to eat. A place that caters to their every need regarding the menu and price. There are countless options for people to choose from nowadays since there are so many restaurants you can go to or order from that we are spoiled for choice. Moreover, with so many gourmet eateries opening all around the city, it really is hard to decide what and where to eat.The biggest hurdle for people like us (I meant the younger lot… duhh) is the availability and inflow of cash. For those who work or go to university really don’t want to spend all their money on food, so eating whatever you’re in the mood for has to be practical with regards to spending money on dining out. What actually matters is the array of choices on the menu. You don’t want to sit there thinking it would have been better if there was pizza on the menu. Well, we know you don’t always get what you want, but there isn’t anything wrong in dreaming!You want there to be a menu so diverse that you just keep on looking and all you can see are options! It's extremely important that what you eat is affordable so that you have enough pocket money left for the month. Well, we’ve got great news for ya’ll, such a place truly exists. It’s called Karachi Red Rock. Their exquisitely diverse menu will whet your appetite and make you salivate. They’ve got everything! Chicken paratha rolls, beef paratha rolls, mutton paratha rolls, regular parathas like chicken paratha, cheese paratha, etc. Don’t worry we’re just getting warmed up. They’ve got shawarmas, burgers, and sandwiches. Coming to their desi menu, they have numerous handi options such as chicken boneless handi, chicken makhni, chicken ginger, chicken hara masala, chicken jalferzi handis and a whole lot more. Their list of karahi’s are never ending too like literally, they have so many karahi options that you’ll surely get impressed. You can try their Taka tak, BBQ, Saji, Biryani, Pizza, Nuggets, Drum Sticks, wings, Chinese, pizza naan and rice.Damn man! That is a lot of food. You can also try their shakes and ice cream. Itna khana hai kay aap ke paas choice hi choice ho gi. So let’s get down to business, shall we? You face countless instances where you have friends over and want to order something or when you’re at work and want something economical or when you have a break in between your university classes and to want to eat something good. The best place for you to try is Karachi Red Rock. You surely will not be disappointed. All you have to do is download our App and very conveniently place your order online. If not that you can visit our website and place your order. Our swift riders will deliver your order anywhere in Lahore to make sure you get your food hot and fresh!