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  • Fake, restaurant and waste of time on cheetay.
  • Worst Service Ever, I ordered through cheetay and i received Paratha roll instead of Biryani after 2 hours They are scam
  • Are you guys kidding me???? I don't even want to rate them.... It's freaking 3rd hour now and literally not even a ping from their side.. If you cant deliver food at time don't be a part of home delivery system...
  • Still my order didn't delivered. It's almost 2 hours passed
  • Order not delivered its been over 2 hours
  • They did not deliver my order after waiting more than an hour i got the message that your order has been delivered. How smart they are. GUYS NEVER ORDER HERE. Do not waste your time. They even dont’ have curtosy to apologize and inform that we cannot deliver you please donot wait.
  • fazool . no taste. no sause. dry paratha with 3 chicken cubes in it
  • Paratha is average... 5 out of 10
  • paratha rolls were average on deal...don't know what it would b on regular deal.. very dry and very less chicken ... ????
  • Two time ordered and order not delivered.
  • Very good and one of the very cheap restaurant...... <a href="">jobs in pakistan </a>s <a href="">jobs in uk </a>
  • Chicken Paratha was good while Potato Cheese Paratha was average.
  • very poor taste of paratha roll in deals of cheetay ......regular order tastes better when done in
  • Not Good for breakfast
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