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Everyone loves an occasional burger, right? It’s very hard to refuse a scrumptiously moist beef or chicken patty smothered with a rich garlic mayo sauce topped with caramelized onions, diced jalapenos, slices of tomatoes, crispy crackling turkey bacon and chards of lettuce drenched in cheese! Top that off with a side of your favorite curly fries and a refreshing cold drink to gulp it all down. And if you feel guilty about it later, then just tell yourself you’ll start your diet tomorrow and help yourself to a dessert at the end as well. After all, having a chicken burger is one of the safest binge option you can settle on when you really can’t decide what to have whether you’re alone or with friends!

Hardees Burger Joint In Lahore, Pakistan

And where better to get your favorite burger than Hardess in Gulberg Lahore, which is one of the oldest branches. They serve fresh off the grill charbroiled burgers and grilled chicken burgers that come in all tastes and flavors including jalapeno, buffalo chicken and their most famous charbroiled super star burgers. And let’s not forget Hardees’ trend setting fries, the very original curly fries. Why settle for someplace else when you can get the original taste at Hardees? So trust Hardees burger to give you a satisfying meal and the cheetahs at to deliver to your doorstep no matter what part of Lahore you are in. And with the cheetay app, placing an order is even easier! So download the app now and order away.