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Handi Roti Influencing Lifestyle with Cheetay – Its Food Delivery Partner

Do you believe that the food we eat influences our lifestyle greatly? Handi Roti in Lahore certainly believes in this philosophy. Its Desi food menu traces us back to the roots of culinary tradition in the sub-continent, that is, Mughals. The vibrant colors and flavors of this authentic food reminds you of the culture that we all grew up in. Cheetay, your ultimate food delivery partner knows how to preserve this authenticity and deliver it with care.

Biryani - Your Primary Choice for Main Course

Topping the charts is Chicken Biryani - a true blend of chicken with Pakistani spices and fluffy rice. The next in line is Beef Qeema Karahi that is made in a wok with green chilies and caramelized onions. If you are among a party of friends and family, this could not be enough. Look for a range of mouth-watering Handis instead. These are flavored with Black Pepper, Chili Lemon, Butter and Garlic Paste. They are all spiced with Garam Masala, cumin seeds and coriander seeds and decorated with fresh coriander and ginger.

The Karahis at Your Service

Stir fried foods prepared in fired up woks brings an exquisite taste. At Handi Roti, the foods prepared in a wok do not end at Chicken or Beef Karahis, it goes further to cooking Daals and Vegetables for adding an extraordinary flavor. Take the ordinary Chana Daal for instance. It is cooked with flavoring ingredients such as tomatoes, garlic, ginger and oriental spices. It is only served after it is tempered with cumin seeds to give it a toasty and spicy flavor at the same time.

Spiced Poultry Turned into a Bar-B-Q

The Bar-B-Q Platter at Handi Roti Restaurant offers Reshmi Kababs marinated with crushed cashew nuts, almonds, curd, cream and flavored spices. The charcoaled flavors add to the deliciousness of this food. Besides this, the platter brings Seekh Kababs, Malai Boti, Tikka Boti and Chicken Pieces. The tangy flavor of poultry melts in your mouth while the aroma of food leaves you to be wanting for more.

Desi incomplete without Tandoors at Handi Roti

Pakistani food cuisine is incomplete without Naan. Handi Roti has a variety in its Tandoor for you! The naans it offers is kneaded with yogurt giving it a unique fluffy texture along with an extra flavor. The seeds added to this bring an extra flavor for aesthetic purposes. So, get a spiced garlicy flatbread, multi-layered and flaky Laccha Paratha, or Kalongi Naan and make it a feast for yourself and those around you!

Cheetay - Your cravings recused urgently

Your choice of food makes you who you are. A Desi cuisine is what pleases the most on days when you desire poultry with native spices. Cheetay understands your urgency to such cravings and promises to deliver at any time and at any place. It insures a new variety every now and then with affordable prices. So, get fresh and hot food at your table within a few minutes!