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Grato Jalebi in Lahore

Desi meetha tou hai he lajawaab! Don’t worry this isn’t a badly executed TV commercial in the making. We all know how intensely sweet our desi desserts are. You get this burst of an intense profusion of flavors with a traditional twist. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love desserts! Toh phir metha ho jaye is the most cliche saying you hear people say all the time. Sure, we get to eat loads of desserts and indulge in the most luscious of desserts but we hardly appreciate our local meetha.

People usually complain they don’t get to eat good traditional or as we say desi sweet dishes. Since most are considerably heavy and usually doused in sugar, they aren’t very light. We usually rely on traditional places which are renowned for desi desserts, such as naan khatai’s, ras malai, falooda, jaleebis, kheer, etc. The problem is that no one wants to go so far to have meetha.

Nothing beats the most succulently crispy warm jalebis oozing with the heavenly syrup that makes you drool. The explosion of crunchy, sweet and fried jalebis whet your appetite for a sugar rush. Worry no more - to satisfy your desi meetha cravings you can rely on none other than Grato Jalebi! This is the place dedicated to providing you with the freshest sugary jalebis that are crispy and drenched in luxuriously smooth sheera! The vibrantly fresh colour along with hefty portions of your favourite jalebis will make you eat it again and again.

Oh and don't you worry! We’re here to make things way easier for you, just sit back and relax. All you need to do is go to our website or download our App and place the order. We’ll deliver your order hot, fresh and on time! Whenever you’re in the mood to have jalebis you know who to call!