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Gloria Jeans Coffees DHA in Lahore

Gloria Jeans is a name that has stood the test of time against coffee places popping up around Lahore every day. It is a popular coffee shop to work from, have a tête-à-tête, or simply to cozy up in while reading your favorite book. First opened in Chicago in 1979, it quickly became a house favorite and now has uncountable operational branches globally. Known for its mouthwatering beverages and a diverse menu, Gloria Jeans is a one stop coffee place to fulfill all your cravings!

A coffee lover’s paradise

If you can differentiate between your espressos, cappuccinos and macchiatos, then Gloria Jeans sure is the coffee shop for you. It has a foot long menu dedicated just to coffees and boy oh boy does the taste deliver! With the simple favorites like Cappuccino, latte and espresso being popular, Gloria Jeans also steps in the avant-garde domain with coffees like the Very Vanilla latte, Caramelatte , Irish nut and Ristretto.

A special spot for the chocolate lovers

Gloria Jeans is special because it includes in its hot menu something so close to our hearts. Yup you guessed it; chocolates! With chocolate infused coffee blends like Chocolate Macadamia Latte and the White Chocolate Mocha, it provides a chocolaty choice to those who like to indulge in the traditional mocha flavor. Apart from this there is an impressive variety of hot chocolates which round up the creamy, classic and white chocolate preferences.

A perfect stop over for summers and winter beverages both

Gloria Jeans hasn’t restricted its beverage menu to just steaming hot drinks; its chillers and smoothies are equally popular if not more. We love their seasonal take on fruits with the likes of mangos, berries, coconuts and strawberries all being blended into refreshing drinks. Though the mixed berry chiller has a special place reserved in all our hearts, the Cocoa Loco and cookies and cream are highly popular mocha chillers too!

A mouthwatering savory menu

We love a coffee shop that can dish up comforting sandwiches and burgers when hunger pangs strike after lounging for too long and surely Gloria Jeans aces its savory game too! With an array of favorites like club sandwiches, philly cheese steak sandwich and vegetable sandwiches, it caters to those who are in the mood for light snacks with their coffees. Moreover the menu includes scrumptious options if you are in the mood for a proper dinner like the onion and capsicum beef stir fry and chicken, sweet n sour garlic chicken pasta, cheesy chicken burger melt, chef’s special beef burger and the usual yumminess of a plate full of French fries.

So to conclude, Gloria Jeans is not only a global favorite but right after our hearts with its diverse menu! If you still can’t garner the motivation to drive to your nearest outlet, just call us on our UAN number or order via our Cheetay app and your favorite coffee will be delivered to you piping hot!