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  • Overly Spicy, no cheese and cold! oder was really late!

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Doce Bakery in Lahore

Doce Bakery in Lahore is famous for a lot of its items but perhaps the best item is their pizza. Who doesn’t love a slice of hot pizza with its cheesy tendrils stretching from the mouth to the pizza box? You’d be a fool to not fall for the sweet and spicy pizza sauce peeking out from the buttery crust and the oozy cheese! Hand tossed, thin crust, stuffed crust, deep pan; you name it, pizza is acceptable in every form! Doce bakery in Lahore aims to satisfy all your pizza cravings with its mouthwatering menu!

A bamboozling variety of pizza flavors

Universally loved, pizza has numerous flavours depending on personal preferences. Doce Bakery in Lahore has tried to feature the most popular flavours on its menu resulting in an impressive and varied menu to order from. It has a chicken pepperoni pizza with round slices of perfectly cured pepperoni hidden in layers of cheese and a chicken sausage pizza for those who prefer the smoky delicacy. Favouring the desi taste buds, Doce offers traditional chicken tikka pizza with charred spicy tikka bites as well as chicken fajita pizza which is the bestselling flavour with spicy mix of capsicums and grilled juicy chicken botis. For those who love tomatoes there is the option of chicken Mexican pizza with marries tomatoes with spicy chillies.

A selection of sizes to order from

Doce Bakery in Lahore provides variety not only in terms of flavours but also in terms of sizes. For single serving there is the option of a personal pan pizza (7 inches) to find comfort in and the 10 inches pizza is ideal for when you are going crazy with hangers pangs after office! If there are two persons then opt for their 13 inch medium pizza! As always when ordering for the whole family or if you are out with your friends who eat carelessly in your company, the 16 inches family size is the way to go!

Economically priced offers

One would think that such great flavours and sizes would come with very high prices, but Doce Bakery in Lahore knows your month end concerns and delivers fantastic pizzas at reasonable prices. Most of their personal pan pizzas are below PKR 300 while their family size pizza goes is upto PKR 1050 and that is a quite economical rate for such a huge pizza! So what are you waiting for? Grab your phones and find Doce bakery’s pizzas in our app’s menu or order via Cheetay’s website for a smoking hot pizza right now!