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A Diverse Cravea Café Menu on Cheetay

Looking for fresh, fruity drinks along with a savoury menu? If yes, then check out freshly brewed teas, coffees, Shakes, Smoothies and more from Cafe Cravea in Lahore. These foamy, chilled and refreshing drinks have a sugar, milk, vanilla and other sauces added to them. In case you are looking for warm teas and coffees, Cravea Cafe caters to these too. You can get them delivered at home or to any location that you like now that Cheetay is its food delivery partner.

Meals with the Beverages

The beverage menu becomes a hit when it is mixed with savoury foods such as warm Soups, savory Pastas, cheesy Pizzas, grilled Chicken steaks and saucy Burgers. Besides this you can also have spicy Chicken Chow Mein, Chicken Chop Suey, Chicken Chili, Beef Chili Dry, Chicken Manchurian and much more to be eaten with fried rice. The main course meals fulfil your cravings for Italian, Chinese and American cuisine. However, if you like to have something from the appetizers or just as a snack during the day with your friends or family, get served with either the tangy Gol Gappay, seasoned Dahi Bhallay, sweet Cream Chaat or Fresh Fruit Platter.

Add any dish from the cuisines that you like and get Carvea Cafe delivery services only on Cheetay.