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Cafe Reload Restaurant in Lahore

Imagine a pizza, topped with fajita chicken, a colourful assortment of your favourite vegetables and a layer of cheese oozing, melting and stringing away as it comes baked out of the oven, fresh and warm. Not a pizza fan? You can have a go at a sandwich instead, although you’re missing out on life if you’re not a pizza lover. But a sandwich is good too - especially if it’s a BBQ sandwich freshly grilled with a side of French fries. If savour is not your style, then how about something on the sweet side? An ice cream, cold coffee or a molten lava cake with an oozing centre. These are some of our all-time favourite snacks that we never tire of, and you won’t either. Of course, they can be a bit heavy on the pocket but who’s suggesting you go to Butler’s, Delish or Pantry for your favourite snacks?

Light on the Pocket, Heavy in the Stomach

Delish may have the best pizza and Sweet Tooth has pretty great desserts but sometimes you just want good food for a good price. That’s something Delish and Sweet Tooth don’t really have. But, Cafe Reload in Lahore does. It has delicious pizzas in a variety of flavours – ranging from chicken tikka, vegetarian options to good old cheesy pizzas. They also have sandwiches such as the infamous club sandwich, pepperoni and sausage and smoked chicken sandwich. You can even get your favourite dessert - the molten lava cake – from Cafe Reload. Best part is? You won’t break the bank in the process. With super economical prices, you can enjoy a full hearty meal in less than Rs. 500/-. This way, you don’t have to throw away all your Eidi, salary or pocket money at a fancy restaurant when you can get the same delicious flavours of your favourite snacks for much cheaper. So, what are you still thinking?

Quick Delivery from Cafe Reload

You’re too far from Cafe Reload? Or stuck in traffic? Wait…you went to Cafe Reload but it was too full and now you’re wasting your time in the car waiting for the takeaway order? Or you’re just really busy at work and can’t step out for lunch? Well, fret not. Cheetay is here to serve. You see, if you’re all the way in Township but want a tikka sandwich with fries from Cafe Reload, it doesn’t make sense for you to go all the way to Cafe Reload Shadman to get your fix. Or if you’re all the way in Defense and are really craving Cafe Reload’s molten lava cake, why would you take the long journey through Lahore’s traffic to get there, only to wait some more? Instead, place your order through the cheetay website, the android or iOS app and enjoy your favourite Cafe Reload snacks, sandwiches, pizzas and desserts at home. Let Cheetay bring your meal to you, fresh and quick.