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  • Probably the best Lebanese food in town. Hummous and fatiush are awesome. Lamb Doner/Shwarma is really good.
  • Good quality food, well packed too. Simple menu, but that should help keep the quality up.
  • five piece baqlava very small pieces, 5 different sweets one not even corresponding to say quality was good not perfect. i was expecting more!!!!
  • the only authentic shawerma makers in Pakistan right now.
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Best Cafe Beirut Restaurant In Lahore, PakistanAre you Sick of eating the same murghi ka salaan everyday so you think of ordering a burger to escape the ordeal? Then again we all want to try new cuisines and food so that eating food becomes a fun experience rather than a chore you desperately want to avoid. Since there are so many Italian, Chinese and desi restaurants springing about, you really want to try something new and exotic. We’ve all had a taste of these cuisines and it’s always good to try something new for a change.Not to sound like an ingrate but us foodies are always on the lookout to eat something new which we haven’t tried before. Whenever given the chance to eat a new cuisine and try something different like Middle Eastern cuisine we can always rely on Café Beirut.Aap ki khuwaaish kuch naya khaanay ki poree ho jaye gi! So try their very tasty and exotic dishes like Sish Tawak where you have deliciously spiced chicken shish kebabs marinated in Mediterranean spices wrapped in toasted pita bread. You have an array of different options on their menu from Lamb Kafta Shawarma, Chicken Kafta Shwarma, Chicken wings served with vibrantly fresh salad and pita bread, Humus, Beiruty Salad , falafel and shish tawak platters served with salad and pita bread. Apart from this their Labaneese Baklava is a confectionary delight and a splendid dessert to have.Whenever you’re in the mood for classic Middle Eastern flavors just log on to our website and place your order. Our riders will deliver your order at lightning speed while it’s hot and fresh. Tou intazaar mat karain aur fata fat order place karain!