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  • Butt Karahi was not fully cooked , chicken was bit hard , it was not what we expect from Butt Karahi.
  • Must try their desi murgh karahi.
  • butt karahi as usual always awesome
  • Please list down the complete menu, what I wanted to order from Butt Karahi is not even in the list.
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Butt Karahi Restaurant in Lahore

We all love having desi food. It’s something we hardly ever get tired of eating! If you’re a Lahori then it’s your turf. There is just so much the city has to offer in terms of barbecue, karahis, handis and a vast array of other options that you’re mostly spoiled for choice.

Sometimes you want to keep it simple and just have the best karahi you can think of. No frills attached. I know there are scores of places which serve reasonably good karahi but again the best gourmet desi karahi cannot be found in the most plush of places.

The best place to have the most decadent karahi imaginable is none other than Butt Karahi. This place is synonymous with the best mutton and chicken karahis in Lahore. The experience of eating the lusciously buttery tomato gravy of the karahi embellished with shards of ginger, green chilies and diced coriander set your taste buds a light. This is the most venerated karahi place in Lahore where you get desi murghas, organic to the core. Their uniquely simple recipe creates a raucous on your taste palate where there is a perfect marriage of flavors that give you the dose of authentic desi flavours and spices which you so badly crave.

All you need to do is relax and chill at home and get the best chicken or mutton karahi delivered at your doorstep, Hot and fresh! No one wants to drive all the way to Lakshmi Chowk through all the manic traffic so the best way is to simply log to our website or download our App and place the order.

You won’t be disappointed.