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  • Pooree is v good. Bt NO BHAJEE, IT WAS CHANNY.
Butt Halwa Puri Restaurant In Lahore, PakistanLike people say “Jinnay Lahore nahee waikhaaya ao jamyaa nahee” which is very true, the same goes for those who haven’t tried authentic Lahori Breakfast! I mean Lahori ho aur naashta na khaye! Having a wholesome breakfast is mandatory for us, since you have so many options to choose from, it’s hard to reach a decision.Who wouldn’t want to have the most fluffy and light puris with the most scrumptious aaloo chaanay that trigger an explosion of flavorus on your palette further accentuated by the most heavenly luscious Halwa which makes your breakfast out of this world.Apart from Poori’s, who doesn’t want to have the best Katlamas! A hot Katlama is worth having, fried perfectly which is tantalizingly crispy that you can either have with halwaa and Chanay or you can just nibble on them with a hot cup of tea. To have the best Nashta you can always rely on Butt Halwa Puri Restaurant to satisfy your cravings.Not only can you get the best Halwa Puri you’ve tasted, you can also have their Qeema wala Katlama which is an absolute savory delight. So if you’re at home on a Sunday or out with friends or have family over for breakfast, worry not. You can always order out.Just log on to our website and order the best Nastha from Butt Halwa Porri and our riders will deliver your order in the wink of an eye. Matlab fata fat! So order now.