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  • pathetic service. more then 3 hours gone order still not delivered...
  • i ordered big man burger was small. one is not enough to fulfill your hunger

Bring Burger Lab’s Experience to Your Destination

Have you decided what kind of Burger you would want to have? If you are unbearably hungry then go for the ones at Burger Lab. Their irresistible burgers are a food for the soul. A reason for this is their hefty patties layered with fried cheese, crunchy vegetables, caramelized onions, ketchup and mayonnaise in toasted buns. These burgers are not far away from you now that Cheetay has them added to its online store. You can eat to your heart’s content as Burger Lab’s menu is long and comes with a twist.

Tantalize your taste buds with delicious appetizers. Start from fried Nuggets, Crispy fried Onion Rings, or Chili Poppers. These crunchy little eatables have bread crumbs on top and tender chicken, onions and chillies inside that make it a perfect combination for you to eat. Tender meat is a great part of the main course as well. So, once you have added your preferred appetizer in the basket at Cheetay, scroll down to have a look at the main dish that you would like to order.

Burgers with a twist at Burger Lab

The main course has three categories. The first is a Lab’s Favourite. This has five different types of burgers jam-packed with meat, sauces and vegetables. Those burgers that are hefty with a series of smashed beef patties include Quadra Reloaded, Big Bang and The Boss. Quadra Reloaded is the thickest of all as this decadent burger has four beef patties with melted cheese wrapped in fried Onion Rings, mushrooms and BBQ Sauces. Big Bang consists of beef and pepperoni with spicy sauces while The Boss has beef with BBQ and smoked sauces. The Doppler and Fire House consists of double and single patties of Crispy Chicken with Buffalo and chili garlic sauces.

Lab’s Classic category has burgers with conventional taste and finesse. The two beef burgers that come under this are Old School and Lab’s Original. These also have caramelized onions, smoked mayonnaise and fiery hot jalapeno sauces. Lab’s Value category on the other hand, has Regular Big Bang, Regular Old School, Regular Lab’s Original, Atom Chicken and Atom Beef. All except Atom Chicken are beef burgers that melt in your mouth once you take a bite.

Get Burger Lab’s meals delivered through Cheetay

If you consider yourself the world’s biggest fan of fries, then turn your meal into a deal by adding French Fries to your online basket. Burger Lab’s extraordinary range of French Fries starts from simple crispy fries, Animal Fries and Curly Fries, and go all the way to Mayonatic, Fiery Hot and BBQ Hickory Fries. These fried potatoes are fluffy inside and crispy on the outside making you satisfy your cravings for carbs.

So, order online all you can from Burger Lab as its affordable prices with jumbo sized burgers is the value that you could be searching for in food. You will get your food delivered through either Cheetay website or Cheetay mobile app. Go ahead and consume that what can be yours!