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  • It was cold and with no dips not even ketchup
  • Astaghfirullah I have never tasted such a bad pizza just ordered it right now from cheetay and I received it after 2 hours and it didn't have any cheese no chicken only bits of cheese . It felt like really old not even close to fresh pathetic taste I'm talking about their fajita personal pan pizza

24 Wall Street Pizza menu at Cheetay

Are you looking for a variety of pizza flavours to order? Scroll through the menu of 24 Wall Street Pizza and get the one you want delivered piping hot through Cheetay at your doorstep right away! Start from the delicious appetizers to tantalize your taste buds right before the main course. These include the rich flavoured Garlic Bread Supreme, the stringy Cheesy Bread and Cheese Sticks, the Spicy Chicken Wings and the savoury Bread Sticks. Once you have had your share, these appetizing appetizers will keep you wanting for more in the main course.

Variety of Pizzas at 24 Wall Street Pizza

Go straight for a pizza slice from any category of your choice. This includes Stuffed Crust Pizza, Deep Pan Pizza or Hand Tossed pizza. The Stuffed Crust Pizza comes with melted cheese inside the edges so that you do not leave the sides. So a cheesy pizza slice edge with meaty toppings that consist of the special 24 WSP Super Duper Pizza, mild flavoured Chicken Supreme Pizza, BBQ Chicken Tikka Pizza, overloaded Fiesta Chicken Pizza, soft and gooey Malai Boti Pizza, and hot and spicy Chicken Fajita Pizza. If you wish to have extra cheese on your pizza all the time then a Cheesy Delight Pizza or 24 Special Creamy Pizza will suite you’re your taste better. You might want Hot Pepperoni Pizza- the popular America pizza topping, the French De Euro Pizza, Vegan or Veggie Delight Pizza, chunky, chewy and juicy Beef Supreme Pizza or simply tropical Hawaiian Pizza that has chunks of pineapples on it.

It is a Pizza, Not a Pie!

If you are thinking that a pie can turn into a pizza, you are right. The deep pan pizza from 24 Wall Street is higher around the edges and deep in between. It has a chunky tomato sauce and loads of cheese that melts while the dough is rising in the hot oven. The chicken, meat, cheese and vegan flavours of deep pan pizza are the same as the stuffed crust pizza seasonings but a unique taste is there to all of them. A reason for this is that they are cooked differently. This pizza is also eaten with a knife and a fork and not just like other pizzas where you grab a slice and eat.

For those looking to have a New York styled pizza should order a hand tossed one. The dough for this is kneaded by hand and tossed in the air. Once in the oven, it expands giving it shape and a huge size. You can either get a seasoned slice, half or full 21 inch pizza.

Exclusive Pizza Party with Cheetay!

A pizza always calls for a party! It is hard to come to a unanimous decision when you are among your friends or family. There are so many options at 24 Wall Street pizza to choose from and it is hard to not taste all of them. Compromise on nothing and order through Cheetay- your food delivery partner in locations across Lahore.